CLASSIC DOCK is a vinyl dock system from MLP incorporating Sure-Step open weave decking panels supported by a welded aluminum frame.  Decking has great traction and allows for water and sunlight to flow thru freely.

The welded frame supporting the decking is one of the best made in the industry, using main support channels that are 4 1/2" tall and have a 3/16" wall providing superior strength.  Outside stringers are anodized to keep them looking like new.

CLASSIC DOCK  is available in 4' widths.  Length of sections available are 10' and 12'.


  • OPEN WEB DESIGN - Allows water and sunlight to pass through in order to help conserve the ecosystem

  • LOW MAINTENANCE - All corrosion resistant components

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lightweight dock components provide lightweight dock sections

  • SLIP-RESISTANT - Chevron pattern provides superior slip resistance

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE - The composition of the decking makes it totally inert with no chemicals to leach out to pollute the environment

  • LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY - Sure-Step decking panels carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty as stated in the manufacturer's warranty, a copy of which is available upon request

Color Samples

CLASSIC DOCKS are available with polypropylene decking in the color Harbor Gray

Dock Support System Details

The galvanized steel dock support system supplied with all MLP docks is the unseen heart of our system.  We have developed a system over the years that is designed to provide for a completely stable boat dock and to resist severe external forces from waves, wind and the occasional errant boater.

    • Strong
    • Easy to adjust height of the dock.
    • Up to 36" leg adjustment range
    • All frames have welded corners
    • Legs come with 9" footpads welded to the leg or augers in place of footpads
    • Hot dipped galvanized steel for long, maintenance-free life.
    • Many types of attachments and bracing available

*See store for full warranty details.