Boat Lifts & Accessories

Michigan Lake Products is your boat hoist and lift headquarters! Around the lakes and along the pristine rivers of northern Michigan, you can't miss our handsome boat lifts and personal watercraft lifts. Michigan Lake Products is proud to sell and service RGC and Craftlander boat lifts because we believe they are the finest boat lifts on the market and carry the best guarantees.

Boat Lift accessories are available including standard and high top canopy frames, direct drive motors to raise and lower the lifts in both AC powered and battery powered models along with many other accessories to customize your boat lift.

Aluminum Vertical Boat Lifts from RGC


Michigan Lake Products offers aluminum Vertical Boat Lifts and Hoists with an open structural design that allows easy access to your boat from both sides of the lift while it's in the water. All over northern Michigan, Michigan Lake Products sells and services these RGC boat hoists and llifts and pontoon hoists because they're easy to operate, last forever, and look absolutely beautiful in the water, complementing your lake lifestyle perfectly.

When you're boating around Lake Charlevoix, Crooked Lake, Burt Lake, Mullett Lake, Black Lake, Houghton Lake, or just about any of the lakes and rivers of Northern Michigan, look for the RGC boat and pontoon hoists and lifts from Michigan Lake Products and you'll see why so many boating enthusiasts choose Michgan Lake Products and RGC boat hoists. They're great looking, easy to use, and make your waterside property in Michigan the perfect boating paradise that it truly is!


RGC 5000# Vertical Lift


RGC 5000# Vertical Pontoon Lift

Personal Watercraft Lifts RGC


When it comes to northern Michigan Personal Watercraft boat lifts, Michigan Lake Products offers the very best models from RGC. These PWC Lifts are available in 800, 900 and 1200 lb. capacity single models, as well as the 900 lb. double model.

All over along the lakes and rivers of Northern Michigan you'll see PWC boat lifts from Michgian Lake Products because we believe is selling and servicing only the very best and that's the RGC line of PWC lifts and hoists!

RGC 1200# Personal Watercraft Single Lift

Hydraulic Boat Lifts RGC


Around Northern Michigan, many boating enthusiasts choose Hydraulic Boat Hoists and Lifts from Michigan Lake Products, ranging from 1,500 lb. to 9,000 lb. capacities.  That's because they're so easy to use and make your Northern Michigan waterside boating experience both easy and care free. Both Hydraulic and Vertical Hydraulic models of boat hoists and lifts are available.

Contact Michigan Lake Produts and we'll go through the details of why, when it comes to buying boat or pontoon hydraulic hoists and lifts, you'll want to choose RGC and Michigan Lake Products!

Straight Hydraulic Style Lifts

Canopies and Accessories

Boat Lift Canopies are available from 15 ft. to 40 ft. and include all-aluminum frames with Sunbrella fabrics in a large variety of colors and styles. Other Accessories and options include bird deterrent systems.