ADAWalk Beach Walkway Applications

ADAWALK walkway systems are designed to be used for a variety of on ground applications.  They are perfect for sand beaches or other soft soil conditions such as muddy areas, and work well on pea gravel or over wood chips.  ADAWALK also works well and effectively on some hard ground applications, where access is needed.  These walkways are modular so they can be taken up seasonally. ADAWALK can also be re-arranged to fit a new layout or a new location. These walkway systems work well on playgrounds to provide a hard surface allowing disabled persons to get over the soft surfaces required on playgrounds in order to access playground equipment.  They can also provide for a walking track around a playground or outdoor exercise area. ADAWALK can be used as temporary walkways to access areas such as portable restrooms or other outdoor facilities and work well on snow applications.  All ADAWALK walkway systems are ADA compliant and are user friendly for all.

Features and Benefits

  • Accessible, slip resistant vinyl walking surface for wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc...

  • Designed for commercial traffic and made of long lasting, low maintenance materials that will never need painting or staining

  • Designed to meet national ADA guidelines

  • Walkway systems are built semi-structural so they will not sag if ground is uneven, or blow over or away like many roll out matting systems

  • Maintains a stable, flat surface when spanning over low lying areas

  • Comfortable surfaces for walking and playing on, for young and old alike

  • Modular walkway sections make installation, removal and storage. Fast and easy!

  • Modular sections allow for creating platforms, change in direction, resting areas, etc...

  • Modular sections allow the walkway layout to be reconfigured at any time

  • All materials used in ADA WALK walkway systems are 100% recyclable

  • ADA WALK systems are manufactured in the USA and are backed by long term warranties