Cantilever Boat Lifts RGC®

Around Northern Michigan, many people choose Cantilever Boat Lifts and Hoists from Michgan Lake Products for their large PWC and small fishing boats because they're good looking and so easy to use.. These boats lifts and hoists are available in two 1200 lb. and one 2000 lb. capacity models.

When it comes to cantilever PWC and fishing boat hoists and lifts around northern Michigan's tremendous recreational waters, you'll find RGC boat lift products from Michigan Lake Products because they are the very best available!

Cantilever Boat Lift 2000 lb

Cantilever Boat Lift 2000 lb Description: Durable marine grade, all-aluminum frame construction requires minimal maintenance. Corrosion resistant stainless ...
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Cantilever Boat Lift 1200 lb

Cantilever Boat Lift 1200 lb Description: 1200# lift is designed to meet your jet ski or small boat ...
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