Beach Walkways

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Michigan Lake Products has designed, constructed and installed a variety of high quality beach walkway systems all over Northern Michigan, the state of Michigan, and beyond.  Vinyl Beach Walkways from Michigan Lake Products are installed for three water edge environments: Beach Walkways on Sand Beaches, Walkways Along Seawalls (and Walkways Along Rivers) and Elevated Beach Walkways or Paths. These are generally done on a custom basis, as most every beach walkway situation is unique.

So if you need a maintenance-free beach walkway system or other decking systems, engineered for beauty and according your property's particular situation, contact the professionals at Michigan Lake Products!

Adawalk Walkway Systems

 beach walkways

Beach Walkways are used to provide a stable access across an unstable surface such as sand.  Beach Walkways may be used to provide “accessible” water access for wheel chairs or motorized vehicles.  Beach Walkways are normally installed directly on the ground surface and may be portable or permanent. To see more, click ADAWALK

Walkways Along Seawalls

seawall walkway

Walkways along seawalls are used to provide a smooth and safe walking surface, generally along side or on top of a seawall.  This style of walkway would normally be incorporated in a walkway along the waterway or as an access point for boating activity.

Elevated Walkways

 elevated vinyl walkway

Elevated Walkways are used where the surface is unstable or in a wetlands situation where water must be able to freely pass under the walkway.  Our elevated walkway systems may be either permanent or portable and are complete with adjustable supports to allow for vertical adjustment.